Citizen Contribution: Contribute and Participate In a Precarious Situation

Citizen Contribution and Participation:

Citizen contribution is what makes a nation to have a stable economy and security. The truth is that no country on the face of this earth is without issues bothering them. And in most cases is not what happens to a country that matters but how the citizens of the country handle the issue. Citizen contribution is immensely needed in the time of conflicts. The understanding of the situation at hand and having the knowhow is very important in implementing a resolution.

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It is important to state that it doesn’t matter who is at the center of the situation.  What matters is that the situation should be resolved. This is where citizen contribution comes in. Here, the understanding should be that no one is bigger than the entire nation. And because of this, citizen contribution should be anchored on this very fact. The situation may be a political one or about economy and probably a natural disaster. Whatever the case is, the reality is that it is a national situation and the ones to shoulder it are the citizens. Therefore, a collective effort of the citizens is needed and they should not recuse themselves from it.  

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citizen contribution

They should press on until their voice and demands are met. However, another way citizens can contribute in a situation is by taken a spiritual step. This can be in the form of fasting and praying for the nation or preaching against the situation. Here, again the preaching should not be a kind that will stir up trouble or division, it should be constructive.

Citizen Contribution Ways To Participate:

There are several ways citizen contribution can take effect in the time of situation. If it is a political situation, they must not be apolitical. They have to get involve probably by carrying out industrial actions and protests. They should make their voice heard within the ambit of the laws of their nation. Therefore, while carrying out the industrial actions and protests they should make sure it doesn’t violent the right of others.

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Also, citizen contribution can come into play when there is a natural disaster. The expectation is that every citizen of the country should play important role in serving life. This gesture should be devoid of religious bigotry and tribalism. The only thing that should be in the hearts of the people is that they are one nation before belonging to any religion. This statement is the bedrock of peace in a country. The interest of the country should be the center focus of every citizen.

Watch The Video:

Do watch the video in this article and see what others are saying should be their citizen contribution if a precarious condition arises in their nation.

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