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Christmas Gift:

Christmas Gift

Christmas gift is of course the gift that comes from God. The period of Christmas is generally seen as a period people distribute gifts among themselves. This happens not only among people who are of Christian faith. Many other religious faiths have joined Christians in this act of sharing. Most people especially among the Christian fold holds Christmas gift at high esteem and value.

The quality of gift one gives to another is in proportion to how much regard he has for the receiver. This is the estimation people have as regards to Christmas gift. Therefore, Christmas gift becomes the prominent event that takes place during Christmas period. The absence of this gift suggests a kind of neglect from the supposed giver to the supposed receiver.

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Text of Interest:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

Christmas Gift The Reality About It:

The reality is that many relationships have been dissolved because of Christmas gift and many are threatened. This has caused lack of trust in relationships because the people involve thinks that the enhancer is the Christmas gift. There is this believe that the presence of gift is a sign of positive relationship. The ugly scenario is when one sees couples in another relationship spicing their relationship up with gifts. And in his or her relationship there is nothing to show for it. This is mostly painful on the side of the female in the relationship.

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Therefore, because of this many relationships that have lasted for months before Christmas ends during Christmas period. The people in the relationship see no need for it to continue because the gift is absent.

This leaves one with the thought of what is really Christmas gift.

The Real  Gift:

For Christians, the only Christmas gift that exists and they know is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the  gift that God gave to the world and the absence of Christ in any Christmas celebration means a delusion. Based on this note, Christmas period should be a time to distribute Jesus among the people that have not received him. This implies that Christmas period should be a time for massive evangelism by every Christian. And mainly, is not a time to end relationship between people but a time to spice relationship up with Jesus Christ.

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