Basic Understanding: The Basic Understanding A Believer Must Have

Basic Understanding:

Basic Understanding

Basic Understanding: There are basic understandings and assurances that should be established in the heart of every believer.  And these are firstly; the believer should have this basic understanding that while fighting any battle he is not at the weak end or standing.  This is because as a believer, he has a placement rooted on the strength of the victory of Jesus Christ. Therefore he fights from strength and as a result should not ask for strength. The believer’s basic understanding should be that he is operating from strength. 

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The statement above certifies that the believer is not the weak but the strong. The benefit of having this basic understanding in mind while in a battle or facing any situation is enormous. However, to say the least, it will grant the believer the temerity to stand strong and claim his position in God. The second basic understanding the believer should grasp is that the believer should comprehend the nature and strength of his kingdom.

For instance, if a believer has the basic understanding of the greatness of his family he will conduct himself wisely. It will also help him to ascertain how much respect and honour his family integrity can offer him. When this is ascertained, he goes ahead to accrue them to himself. This can only be possible if the basic understanding of who he is in the family has been established. Interestingly, this shows that whatever the case may be he should move around not minding what the situation around says. This is because his family is the strongest family in all ramifications. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm when situations come up.

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Basic Understanding Of The Believer’s Origin:

Notice that each and every family or kingdom per se has its own rules and conducts guiding it.  And sometimes if not all the times, these rules and conducts vary from one kingdom or family to another. The basic understanding the believer should grasp is that he’s in a kingdom that has its own rules and conducts.  And that what is obtainable in the believer’s Kingdom differs from what is obtainable in another kingdom. As a result, rules and conducts from another kingdom cannot have any effect on him. And as a matter of fact shouldn’t be a thing to perturb him.

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However, there is the third basic understanding a believer should grasp.  The believer should comprehend that it is by faith in Christ he has come into the Kingdom of God. And as result of that he has become a member of God’s family. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a wrong thing for the believer to call God his father. This statement implies that the believer is sourced out of God. It also means that God is the believer’s father and that the DNA of God runs in him. This basic understanding will create the awareness in the believer that God’s nature and character can be identified in him. Let’s see the way Apostle Peter puts it:

“Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”

(2 Peter 1:4).

Basic Understanding Of God’s Nature And Character:

Basic Understanding

 The thing to look into here is what is the nature and character of God? The basic understanding is that the nature and character of God is unique to his personality as an infallible God. And with this kind of disposition that God has, it is totally impossible for God to fail. Therefore no matter how the situation is, the believer is assured of victory. So the basic understanding is that a believer going into battle should do that with the mindset of victory.  However, this is not based on his ability but based on the fact that his father is the infallible God. A faith in this very fact is definitely result oriented!

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Again there’s the fourth basic understanding the believer should grasp. And that is the understanding that all negative situations are not from God. Better still that situations are not and should not emanate from his family or Kingdom. Situations are things of this life that emanates from another family or Kingdom to attack his position in the Kingdom. In a nutshell, situations are not from God; therefore, the believer shouldn’t allow them in his life. See Ephesians 4:27.  The word here is resistance. Yes the believer should resist them because they are outside influences. And if the believer allows them, they will cause great damage to his dignity as a child of God.

Basic Understanding Of The Believer’s Rights:

The fifth basic understanding the believer should grasp on is that his father is not a stingy father. And that He is a giving God according to what is written in the epistle of James.

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

(James 1:5).

It shows that the prayer of a believer should be considered an answered prayer already. This is because the believer’s father is a giving father. He understands and can always identify with the problem of his child without upbraiding. This is an indication that God will stop at nothing in protecting His own.  And with this kind of basic understanding in the mind of the believer, victory is assured.  A lack of knowledge of this very fact will definitely make the believer vulnerable in the face of any situation.

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 This is because it will pose an identity issue for the believer. And any believer that is into identity crisis has a serious issue in his hand. Because the aftermath of such a level of life is a total implode of self-confidence. Definitely this occurs when the believer doesn’t really know where he belongs.  And any believer who doesn’t walk by this truth will of course not put trust in the Word of God. This is because he has not identified properly with his source. This kind of situation will create an unstable mindset in the life of the believer. And the believer will lack focus and it means he cannot withstand any pressure from an opposing force

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