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Mans Salvation 

The Old and the New Testament is technically just one book talking and having one objective which is mans salvation. Though they were dispense at a time unique to their purpose of establishment. This shows that from Genesis to Revelation, the discussion is all about the Man Christ.

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The discussion is centered on His birth, death and resurrection, otherwise known as the suffering of Christ and His glorification. Therefore, through the suffering, death and glorification of the Christ comes man’s salvation. This shows that the Christ will come and identify with man, which means that the Christ will be a Man. And in being a Man, He should undergo the things man goes through in the flesh.

This is logical in the sense that for Him to carry out man’s salvation He should not come as God. Because the wrong choice was made by man and therefore, it requires that a Man should right the wrong. It will be a total partiality and against the legal standing that God should come for man’s salvation as God. So, it is a requirement on side of God to remove all His glorious splendors and powers and come down to set man free.  See these verses, Job 9:33, Psalms 2:7, 110:1,Isaiah 7:14, 9:6 – 7, 11:1 – 5, Luke 1:30 -33, John 1:1 – 2, 14.

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The Requirement:

This requirement doesn’t mean that God should be a superman in bringing man’s salvation into reality. God coming in the nature of man doesn’t imply that He should manifest and demonstrate His prowess as God. It implies that He should be a man down to earth. It means for man’s salvation a total identification with man and his nature is the requirement from God. That is why he was conceived in the womb of a sinner, born as a baby. Also, He sucked the breast of a sinner, learn how to talk and walk, grew up in stature, acquired wisdom and learned obedience (Luke 2:11 – 49).

Therefore, for man’s salvation to be carried out by Him, He must be separated from God. Just the same way man was separated from God. He must be made sin as man and live under the natural courses and laws. This is in order for Him to feel the intensity of what it takes to abode in this physical realm. That is why it was possible for Him to fell asleep, felt the impact of hunger, got tired, wept etc. Note, as God there is no way He can be under the influence of these things mentioned.

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This means that He shouldn’t be asleep or hungry and cannot be weary for anything, because these are impossible with God. See Psalm 121:4. In order for Him to qualify to carry out man’s salvation, the Christ must go through temptation. And of course it is not possible that God should go through temptation or involve in tempting anyone. See Luke 4: 2 –13, Hebrews 2:18, 4:15, James 1:13.

Mans Salvation Death Of The Christ A Requirement:

The Christ must die spirit, soul and body as man died. Again, of course God cannot die, therefore for Christ to die the implication is that he is a man. The requirement for mans salvation includes that before the Christ enters into His glory, He must die as a Man. See Matthew 27:46. He should be buried and go through hell as Man, and resurrected as a Man, not as God.

This process requires no help or interference from God, or else Satan will still have a case against man. This is because it is man that lost it to Satan; therefore Man should collect it back from Satan. See Genesis 1:26, Luke 4:6, Matthew 28:18. The Man Christ has to pray and study the Scriptures to learn the prophecies concerning Him. And then infuse them into Himself for proper interpretation of the prophecies. See Mark 1:35, Luke 4: 16 – 20. It is factual to say that God doesn’t need to read or pray but as Man, He should.

Being cognizant of what the Scriptures have said concerning Him. And because of mans salvation, he went through them and interpreted them even unto death. However, He knew that the Scripture stipulates that He will not see corruption even if He dies. See Psalm 16:10, 49:7 – 9, Acts 2:27, 31, 13:34. Therefore, the affirmation of these words of prophecies from Scripture raised Him from the dead and today, He is glorified. For the successful completion of man’s salvation, the identification is that His resurrection is the resurrection of man also.

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Mans Salvation Emanates From The Womb Of Death:

So by His resurrection, every believer is resurrects from the dead and become alive by the word of God. There is no way man’s salvation can be accessible if not by the word of God (Romans 1:15 – 18). The hallmark of this life is when one has obtained eternal life because eternal life is the crown of life. And this is the plan of God for all men. The plan is that all should receive salvation and truly come into the knowledge of the truth. The knowledge of the truth is that He loves all men see 1 Timothy 2:3 – 4. The death of the Christ is for man’s salvation and because of that should not to be seen as martyr.

 It is not like someone who did nothing has to suffer for others. No! The death of the Christ is the requirement to meet the justice that should be rendered for the total emancipation of man. Therefore, because His death is for man’s salvation he didn’t die a good man’s death. However, He died to take away sin from the world, which is a death to meet the legal standing as regards to what it takes to undo the existence of sin. See 1 Timothy 1:15 – 17.

This implies that no one who has a hand in His death should account for it. This is because whatever that happened to Him is the fulfillment of the Scriptures. It is so in order for mankind to receive liberation from sin and eternal death. Interestingly, all those who played one role or the other in His death did that for their own good. If they understood the meaning of what His death represents.

Mans Salvation, Is God’s Love At Work:

Notice that if Judas had stayed till the resurrection day and had seen Christ, He would have accepted him as He did accept Thomas. See John 11:49 – 52, 20:26 – 28. Therefore, mans salvation which is in the death of Christ is the demonstration of God’s Grace. The Grace of God is that outstanding ways of God in bypassing legitimate and legal standing orders. And as a result offering solution to any mess man has done to himself. The Grace of God is the demonstration of God’s love in a way it surpasses all knowledge. It is that indescribable step that God takes to rescue man from condemnation. And it is unfathomable that a holy God would make Himself sin to save His own creatures from His own wrath. See 1 Timothy 3:16.

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To the man out there it is unimaginable; it looks like some cock and bull stories. And to some doubters(those who believe that man should pay for his sins) it looks unrealistic. But to those of us who are insiders it is a reality.  We understand what the Love of God stands for and as a result there is no bewilderment. See 1 Corinthians 2:13 -14. And because we are the ones who have our senses exercise in the scheme of righteousness. Therefore, definitely and vividly by reason of Christ’s revelation resonating in us understand what the length, breadth, height and depth of God’s Love stand for. See Ephesians 3:18, Hebrews 5:14. In this Love of God, is that unprecedented gesture God has made in saving sinners. He did that while they are still walloping in their sins. See Romans 5:7 – 8.

Man’s Salvation The Epitome Of God’s Grace:

The Grace of God is that we should receive salvation not because we did something better to merit mans salvation. He understood our vulnerability and bankruptcy and as a result extended His hand of grace.  (The grace that is free without any cost). Which means no man can boast and say I was capable that is why God saved me! This is purely the gift of God and not a reward at all. See Romans 5:14 – 21.

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In the demonstration of the grace of God, the unqualified is made qualified without his contribution or effort. The Law says man is not qualified to be saved, but Grace says man is qualified. The Law says is all about man but Grace says man has nothing to do with it; I take care of it (Ephesian 2:5, 8-9). The Old Testament therefore, speaks and stands for the Law and it ministers death unto man (2 Corinthians 3:7) but the New Testament speaks and stands for Grace and it ministers salvation and life unto man. See 2 Corinthians 3:6, Titus 2:11.

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