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ChoiceChoice As The Focus:

Choice – The believers are human beings and as humans they exist in this planet earth. One of the things that are peculiar to every living thing here on earth is need. Everything living here on earth has at least a need to meet. Some needs are very teething and some can fall under consideration.

As humans and as believers when needs arise our desire and expectation is to find a way to meet them. While trying to meet them it is important to put forward those ones that are in top priority and meet them. There are two kinds of needs. They are what I call the inborn and outward needs.

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The inborn needs are those needs that are there because you are human beings. These kinds of needs, there is no way and means one can do without them ; you have to attend to them. They are not born out of our desires. They spring up innately and as a result their induction is not externally. For instance, we need food to sustain ourselves and we need sleep and many other things like that.

Notice that things like hunger and sleep is not a product of our desire. Interestingly the initiation of some needs is by our desires. The things we desire in life become the need we have to meet. These classes of needs vary from one person to another. So believers as humans also find themselves involve in the process of meeting needs.

choiceNeeds And The Ability To Make Choice:

Whenever there are needs to meet, the factor of choice comes into play. This factor is an inherent factor. It is imbedded in man by his creator. The right to make choice is what makes every individual unique. For instance, in placing priority, some people place priority on things others might consider less consequential. The indictment therefore, is baseless because inasmuch as they are concern they have made the right choice.

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Choice is pivoted around what I call point of interest or point of target. These are things that make someone choose a particular thing irrespective of the odds others are seeing.  This is the proof of individualism and it cannot be taken away from people. This is because; it’s the mark of one’s identity. As a result of this we have different classes of people even in our Churches.

These points of interests or targets cause one to etch a particular choice to his or her heart. This is what leads to passion because it is dear in the heart of the one that have made the choice. The fire of passion ignites the zeal for one to see that his choice is protected notwithstanding whose ox is gore.

Believers Are Also In It:

Here, believers are not exempted from expressing their individuality. It makes each believer unique in his or her own way. This is why believers read different courses in the University. Do different businesses. They drive different classes of cars and as well marry different classes of men and women.

Notice that in making choices, the point of interest have to be defined, if not, one hears someone saying that he has made a wrong choice. This is important in every facet. One shouldn’t read a course in the University because people who read that course are making money. And one shouldn’t necessarily be in business because he notice people in it are making huge money.

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Therefore, making of choice should be within the frame of what one can offer. This is important because what you have to offer can revolutionize a whole business sector. The same thing goes to marriage. One shouldn’t marry because his spouse to be has lots of properties. Properties are variables, they are here today, and tomorrow they are gone. That is why Jesus cautions us that:

“And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.”

Luke 12:15

Marriage should be born out of love. Love creates the needed passion that will see spouses moving on irrespective of what is on ground. A preacher who is carrying megaphone today may carry the latest car tomorrow. What defines a pastor or a preacher is not his or her paraphernalia but the level of revelation knowledge of Christ in him or her.

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