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TimeTime of Sowing Seed – Things You Must Consider:

Time of seed sowing: For one to sow seed, there are many factors one has to take into consideration before starting off. The same thing goes to vision as well. Before launching your vision into action you must take into cognizance the reality of these factors. If not, the vision will be queasy and overshadowed by these factors.

Firstly, there must be a seed to sow (vision). One must have a seed to sow.  You must drop something in the ground, and that which you drop is your seed. These seeds could be your talents, creativities, time, money, love and your service.

Secondly, there must be a place to sow.  It is meaningless when one has seeds without a prepared place to sow them. It is better that you don’t have a seed at all. You don’t just sow in the air. The grounds to sow your seeds are your home, your church, your community, your place of work etc. These areas are the places that your vision in life will always touch.

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Again Think Of These Things:

Thirdly, Co-workers are needed.  This depends on the quantity of seeds that you have and also your availability in terms of time factor. You may require some people to help in sowing your seeds. Some visions are very broad that even at the beginning more hands are required to lay a better foundation for them to start.

Fourthly, you must clear the ground. Seeds are not sown upon weeds. The ground must be cleared before sowing any seed. There are things that will peeve your vision. Such things must be removed before planting your vision. You must have ideas as to how to develop your vision. If you don’t clear the weeds off, they will eat up the vision.

Lastly, the right time. There is always a right time to plant any seed, and that should be the planting season of that particular seed. As the nature of each seed varies from one seed to another, so also their time of planting varies. The development of the vision that you have should take place at the right time. This time should be the time people who are in need of it should have it.

It is important to note that, once you plant or sow your seed in the ground, the next stage is to wait and see the seed germinating.  There are, however, certain conditions that will favour and make the seed to germinate as desired by the planter. As a planter, you must not overlook them. This is because they are important and should be keenly followed because they are result oriented.


Section A:

The health of the seed. For the seed to drive well or for it to perform well, while in the ground, it must be a healthy seed. What this means is that the germination of the seed heavily depends on the health of the seed. If you sow a seed that is not healthy, it will certainly affect the germination of the seed. In fact, such seed cannot germinate, and in a situation where you have so many of them in your farm it will for sure affect your harvest. So, you must make sure that your seeds are healthy ones before planting them. Healthy seeds (vision) are obtainable from God and it is done through our intimacy with Him.

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 A working knowledge of the kind of seed. Such knowledge is necessary because it will help you to peg a round peg in a round hole. And not a round peg in a square hole. You must sow a seed in an area or place with high chances of productivity. Considering the fact that some seeds do not grow in certain areas. In such a case you should not expect to plant or start your vision in an area where it is not needed. The same goes to planting in an area that has outgrown such vision. That we received a vision from God does not mean we should start off immediately we should ask God for directions.

Section B:

Avoid sowing your seed in a wrong land. When you have considered points 1 and 2 above. The next thing that matters is that you shouldn’t plant your seed on a wrong land. Although the geographical area may be suitable for the planting of your seed. However, you must appreciate the fact that not every land in that area is suitable for your seed. Some places are fertile while others are not. What this means is that, you should not sow your seed in a wrong land. You must prepare the land and make it ready. If it is not fertile, you can improve the fertility of the land by applying manure and fertilizer on it.

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Get the right hands on deck. In sowing you would of necessity need extra hands. Especially when the seeds are plenty; in order to accomplish the work on time. In this, wise extra care should be taken not to employ wrong hands. Here, I mean people who do not know how to sow. It is important because if the seed is healthy and the land is fertile and one puts the seed wrongly in the ground, the effort will become futile. There is a way to sow seeds. And you must follow that way for the seed to germinate without which it will not. For instance, the cassava stem is planted with the “eyes” upward. If for any reason you face it downward, it will never germinate though the stem is a healthy one.

Section C:

Care, affection, tenderness and love must be in place. Your seeds are just like the children you have in your home. They need your care, affection, tenderness, and must be cherished and loved by you. One has to express these attributes wholeheartedly. There is no room for divided attention.  In fact, these are spiritual attributes and they drive a powerful force to induce wellness in the life of the seeds. Maintenance of your farm depends on these attributes and you must show them to your farm.

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Understand the process and exercise patience. One who is sowing seed in the ground normally has great expectations from the seed. Sometimes, things do not materialize in the way he expects. At this stage he might be worried, and would end up taking a wrong step or decision. One quality each and every farmer should have is patience.  While he expects some output, he should understand that from the stage of germination to the stage of harvest, it is a process. Seeds do not grow overnight; they grow overtime. Do not be in a hurry about your seed, and do not compare your seed with that of others. This is because you may gather from your farm when others have finished. But remember that you are not in any way in competition with anyone.


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Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu is the pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l. He has authored many books and he’s behind several online Christian articles.

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