Rabbit Hunting: Short Story – Childhood Expedition Rabbit Hunting 2

Rabbit HuntingSetting of Traps:

The continuation of the Rabbit Hunting Childhood Expedition:

However, Issy took me to another direction and at this point my heart beat came down and I comfortably followed him. When it comes to hunting Issy is better than me, because he learnt it from his father Nnaa. He’s known for hunting very dangerous animals, he has Egbe Ntu (a locally made gun that uses powder).

Well, we located the holes and set the traps on them and we were done, we prayed for the traps to catch the rabbits. This is what we were taught in the children’s church that we should pray for success in everything we do.

The song goes like this:

Ihe obula ina eme kpe ekpere

Ka ekwensu gbalaga ka mmo nso wee bata


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Sharing Deal Sealed:

However, we come to terms that whatever the outcome is we shall share it equally.  Based on this, I have to tell him that I found a rabbit hole also, and then we agreed to go explore the hole tomorrow being Saturday.

I also informed Issy that my cousin Bobo is around and he will join us tomorrow. From the look on his face he didn’t receive the idea very well, though he hesitantly agreed and I know why. Just because of the sharing pattern.

Meanwhile, as I was approaching our compound, I could tell that my mother has returned from the market. The evidence is the aroma of Araga soup beaming from our kitchen. An Araga soup is a kind of soup that one can prepare with pumpkin leaf, Okro, dried fish or stock fish and sliced oil bean seed.

Honestly, I don’t like Araga soup; it is very slippery for my liking. I like soup thickened with Ede (cocoyam) and palm oil because it’s creamy in nature. Thank God there’s a left over Ede soup, though we have exhausted all the meat in it. Well, I hope to spice it up tomorrow with the Rabbit meat.

Morning Prayer:

It is about 5.30 am in the morning of Saturday, the Vicar in our church has just rang the church bell. Holy Trinity Anglican church Obollo is the biggest in our clan. I noticed a movement from my mother’s room, she is ready for the Morning Prayer and I have no choice than to join her. This has been the routine for us; the church is not far from our house, within a couple of minutes we were there. They have started with the opening prayer in motion; we joined them in saying Amen.

The Vicar read and taught us from the book of 1 Samuel chapter one. While he was teaching, I was wondering if it is possible for my mother to dedicate me as Hannah did. Well, if I have the opportunity, I will like to be a Vicar too, is a nice job with so much respect and care attach to it.

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Rabbit Becomes The Focal Point:

Suddenly, I found myself ruminating about the Rabbit. I envisage how we caught the Rabbit and I also envisage preparing it with my Ede soup and eating it in a relish manner.  This is the catchiest moment for me, I hope it happens. However, I discovered I was sleeping in between, and the next I heard is that we are saying the grace. As we were on our way going, guess who I saw? Issy!

The two traps have caught the Rabbits.  He was taking them home but as he saw me and he has no choice than to give me one. I took the Rabbit from him and ran home immediately. Bobo is awake already he joins me to make fire to roast the Rabbit.

While it was still on the fire, I went and cut some plantain leafs. I pulled the Rabbit from the fire and laid it on the leaf. As I smoothed the body and then I opened the stomach and removed everything in it. Then I brought red oil (Palm Oil), some fresh pepper and salt mix them together.

I poured and evenly spread the mixture inside the stomach and I passed a thread through the neck. I have to suspend it a little above the fire, in order to smoke it. Wow, you need to see the oil dripping down from the Rabbit, is very tempting. Suddenly, I heard an opi aka (is a kind of whistle that is unique to our people, it is formed by shaping your left pam around the back of your right pam).

The Next Adventure:

The opi aka is sounding my name, and it occurs to me that it is Issy, we have to go dig the hole of the other Rabbit. I have to sneak away from the house, and Bobo must go with me if not the meat on the fire will be halved. Never mind is my imagination. We met Issy at the entrance of our compound, and then we went and picked Nta.

Nta has a hearing disability, it happened to him when he was about the age of Nine. Stories have it that he took over dose of Quinn and it blocked his ear drum. To dig the Rabbit we need, shovels at least two, two cutlass, some long sizable sticks about four.

Also we need an Udu (you can form it with an empty container of any beverage by making a hole at the base of the container). You have to put some residue of palm fruit chaff in the container and from the base push in some charcoals.

Then spark a light into the container from the base then blow through the opening and smoke will be coming from the other end. The Udu helps to choke and weaken the Rabbit inside the hole. So now we are good to go.

We Lost The Rabbit:

Issy is to lead in this operation, he will dig the hole to some distance and I will blow the Udu. Then Bobo’s and Nta’s duty is just to wait the Rabbit at the two escaping routes. About twenty minutes into the operation, Bobo call out to me Kinsi. I answered while coughing because of smoke choking my throat.

Then he said to me, what are you looking for? I was astounded by that question and Issy had to reply him, what do you mean by what are we looking for? Then he said because he doesn’t know what we are looking for? Curiously he asked; what is it like?

Now Issy is getting angry. Do you mean you don’t know Ewi (Rabbit)? Suggestively, Bobo said, is it like Rat? I have to come in here and I said, yes it is but it is bigger than Rat. Then Bobo gave us the shocking of our life, oh it has gone out, I saw it about ten minutes ago he said.

Just a Dream:

On hearing this, Issy was very furious and moving forward to attack Bobo with his shovel aiming at his head. I shouted noooooooooooooo! As I woke up, I found out it was a dream, no Rabbit, no meat, no soup, all existed in the dream. The reality is that it is Sunday morning and today is Children’s Harvest service and I have recitation. I have to recite the prayer of Hannah.

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