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In This Life Odyssey You Didn’t Make the Choice

ChildChild Life Odyssey:

Child life odyssey: Assuming you are going on a trip, probably outside your country and possibly for the purpose of your career. And on that same day many people are equally going to the same place you have opted to go. You boarded a particular flight going to your destination. And also some other people travelling to this place were in the same flight with you. All the passengers have paid for different classes on the airplane.

All of these people in the airplane are of different professional and business career categories. Here the only common thing is that they are all in one airplane going to the same place. However, on the same day that you are making your trip; there are many other flights from different companies. They have different pattern of services and flights of different grades and years, all heading toward the same direction with your flight.

The Common Ground:

Now consider this, the only common ground you have with the other people is the place you are to land. Also, even if you are in the same flight, you didn’t pay for the same class. And even if you paid for the same class it is not possible that you can pay for the same seat. However, even if you are in the same class is not likely that all of you are of the same profession or business category.

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Someone might be saying no, there is no way the child could be separated from the parents as a different entity. The reason is because he or she thinks that is the parents that gave birth to the child. Well, physically they gave birth to the child. However, beyond that, is the fact that spiritually the making of the child is certainly away from their comprehension. Considering that no parents have the privilege to choose a child that will be born to them.

They just conceive and in most cases wouldn’t know how and who their child is until the delivery day. And even if the child is being conceived by an artificial insemination during which somehow one has the right to choose the sex of the child. The reality is that during the time of development in the womb you wouldn’t know how the child is being developed. This is because what transpires in the womb is always beyond our human imagination.

childOne Cannot Decide Who To Be His Child Or Parents:

In the same vein, no child ever has the right to choose his or her parents. They just grow up to meet them and know them as their parents. This makes a lot of difference between parents and children. So if the parents and the children could not select each other who then does that? It is important to realize that it is not every time that a man meets his wife that she conceives. And even sometimes when a couple is told that the probability is high for them to have a child. They are likely to find out that nothing happens after knowing each other. And in most cases when they never expected anything to happen that is actually when conception takes place. In such a case you may find the couple saying that conception was an accident.

Child Bearing Is Divine Providence:

Well, the fact to accept is that child bearing is divine providence and not a thing of accident. We do not know the child or children we are to give birth to. And of course we do not know who our parents are to be. Also, we do not know where we will be born. And the last but not the least is that we do not know the time we will be born. God in His infinite wisdom distributes things the way He has chosen and no one can question His prerogative in this aspect.

Again, notice that if ever you have the privilege to choose probably you will not choose the kind of children or child you have today. And if the children have the right to make their choice, probably they will not choose you as their parents. Therefore, it is within the whims and deliberations of God to allot people to each other to become parents and children in the world. Definitely, God is not playing some kind of funny conjectural game in this act. God does all His acts purposefully to suit His will. However, it is left for the people involved to find out that purpose which He has ordained in bringing them together. You are to find out why you are the parent of your children. And your children should find out as well why God has chosen them to be your children.

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childAt The Point Of Arrival:

However, as the plane lands, you get up from your seat and step through the staircase of the plane. Stepping out of the plane implies your contract with the flight has expired. The next thing is how you can get a means that will convey you to the particular spot you would want to operate. And given that you are aware of your mission in your place of arrival.

And so it is with the other passengers and all the other people that will enter the same country by other flights and different means. Notice that, before you boarded the airplane, the airplane did not carry you because you were a male or female. Or because you were of any respected profession; neither did the airplane carry you because of your race. Rather, because the company whose ownership is inscribed on the airplane has approved your ticket.

And so it is, that your parents conveyed you to earth not knowing the kind of sex you would have. Even if they discovered that, they didn’t play much role in that and they didn’t have any contribution to make. As they do not have any contribution make in the kind of structure you were coming with.  And also not even the colour of your skin. Most importantly, they are not aware of whatever you receive from God. So they gave birth to you because God had approved that you should be their child.

Your Safe Arrival:

Also, one important thing we should not let go is the fact that the plane which conveyed you to your destination did that decently. And with calculated steps of carefulness and faithfulness it mustered within; and landed you safely before you disembarked from it. Does it therefore mean that since parents do not have to choose which child they want they should allow their child to grow up anyhow?

Of course not! It is the duty of parents to see that the child is peacefully delivered and nurtured with all integrity. In doing that they should not step too deep in order not to affect the purpose of God in the life of the child. By so doing they aid in accomplishing the will and purpose of God on the earth.

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The child wouldn’t say because he didn’t choose his parents and didn’t have the premonition of who they were he shouldn’t take care of them. What the child should understand is that his parents are the ones that had the seed and incubated him. The child’s existence wouldn’t take place if God didn’t instill him into what they have done. He took their physical nature to come into this world. They took care of him and nurtured him to grow up and finally become what God wants him to become.


childActing In Line With the Word of God:

Therefore, he should reciprocate the good gesture of his parents and earnestly and unconditionally take care of them. Your parents well-being should be a burden you should carry with love and total submission. No matter whatever they must have done to the child in the past and even in the present, because they are his parents.

That is why God’s Word teaches us straightforwardly that “Children, Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) (Ephesians 6:2).

To the child, it shouldn’t matter if they took care of him to the best of his desires. But it is a responsibility on the side of the child to take care of his parents to the best of his ability. And the blessings of God as regards to such will not elude him or her.

Landing In Your Destination:

However, as you gets down from the airplane that conveyed you to your destination. This time you should find a way or means to get to your final destination. Suffice it to say that while you want to get to your final destination, you may have to choose to enter a taxi, or any means possible. This may have to be according to what is available and suitable for you at that particular time. Some other passengers that came down with you may have other means than what you have chosen.

It is possible to welcome them with an entourage of cars and sometimes with an elaborate welcome celebration; whereas on your side nothing of such is happening. In fact, is possible that at this time no one notices your presence in the country. Here, whatever happens at the port of arrival should not count in your life. Whether you received a warm or cold welcome does not in fact define who you are. And it may not necessarily define your mission in that country. The only thing that should count is that you have arrived, and most importantly, you arrived safely.

Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu is the pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l. He has authored many books and he’s behind several online Christian articles.

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