Hunting: Childhood Expedition Rabbit Hunting – Short Stories

Short Story – Childhood Expedition Rabbit Hunting

HuntingHunting Rabbit Meat as a Necessity:

In so many African communities especially those within the rural areas certain meals are considered ostentatious. People who dwell in the rural areas lack amenities that can create sufficiency. And as a result the means to have meals that are brandished with meat is very rear.

It implies that to eat meals with meat is a luxury that is reserve for the few who are considered rich. In order to fill the vacuity created by the absence of meat on their plates, many children who relish its presence on their plates go hunting. The notion is like ‘if you want to eat meat go get it’.

Since many communities are surrounded by thick forest, it therefore implies that the source of meat is available. Children don’t have to see it as something very elusive because they can always access the forest and get meat to eat.

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Though, this kind of adventure is not designated to children alone; it is also for young men. It all gears towards providing for the family in their own miniature way. Hunting in this part of the world is not for pleasure but a means to supplement the family budgets.

HuntingHunting In the Western World:

Considering the fact that in the western world hunting is a game or something for leisure. So the people in the western world do normally go hunting for pleasure. The motive behind their kind of hunting is not hunger but something that is born out of curiosity sometimes. Therefore, it is not painful if they hunt and miss their target; it’s just one of those things. However, for people in this part of the world the reverse is the case.

My name is Kinsi and I grew up in a community that has thick forests around it. I am the last child of my parents and I have an immediate senior sister. She loves me so much and wouldn’t like me to engage much in the house odd jobs. My major work in our house is to make sure that there’s always water and firewood to cook. I ran these errands habitually and to me, I find it very thrilling doing them. I hate washing dishes, cloths, cooking and sweeping the compound.

HuntingMy Roles in the House:

So my sister Nkyy takes care of these in our house, I love my sister because she has a good heart. Sometimes I envy the man that will marry her and of course sometimes I wish she could be my wife. Never mind, our culture forbids it and she’s way above me in age.

We are on holidays; and today is Friday an Nkwo Obollo Market day. And my mother has gone to the market to sell and as well buy our home necessities. Nkwo Obollo Market is the biggest market in our community; children are always happy on Nkwo Obollo Market day. This is because mothers will go to market and bring Ihe Ahia (snacks from the market). The truth is that from the market one can always get delicious snacks. My mother will always buy Agwa Iko and Akara (beans cake) for me.

Nevertheless, I realized I have errand to accomplish, there’s no firewood in the house. My mother will need the woods to cook food when she comes back from the market. Well, I step to our Ubari (a small thatched canopy like structure) to pick my cutlass. The previous day I have sharpened my cutlass on a stone, it is always ready. My mother bought it for me, because I need it to access the bush. With my cutlass, every creeping animal is sentence to death.

huntingBobo’s Arrival:

As I stepped out to go, I looked up and saw a vehicle driving into our compound and guess who I saw? Bobo! It was a moment of joy for me; I ran to him and embrace him. Bobo is my Aunt’s last child; and he has come to spend the holidays with us.

I took his bag from him and the vehicle left, my sister was happy to see him. He has been in the city all his life, so he doesn’t know much about village life. I told him to make himself comfortable that I will rush to the bush and fetch some firewood and come back. He wanted to go with me but I insisted he shouldn’t.

Bobo’s arrival brought some ecstasy in my heart and with that I rushed to a nearby bush and as I looked up I saw dried branches of Ugba (oil bean) tree. Immediately, I ascended on it and cut all the dried branches down.  So, within some minutes I was done; then as descended, I slipped downward with speed from the tree. Then I landed on one of the branches, and I couldn’t wait to start cutting the woods into smaller shapes.

huntingRabbit Holes Located:

Just within a space of time; I was done with the first branch; and I went for the second, as I drew it up to cut it; I notice something beneath. It was a hole, a fresh one for that matter, certainly rabbits are inside it. Suddenly, I started to salivate because it is done on me that tomorrow Saturday I will have meat in my soup.

I decided to cut the rest woods gentle in order not to spark the kind of noise that will scare the rabbit(s) away. The reason for my carefulness is because male rabbits dig their holes in a shallow pattern and while the females dig theirs deep. Meanwhile, I have to take my time and carefully locate the escaping holes and mark the environment well.

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I unobtrusively arrange the firewood and bundled it and place it on my head and then I left the bush. On my way going I met Issy, he was carrying two Onya igwe (Iron traps) and he told me he saw some rabbit’s holes nearby. Immediately my heart skips because I was wondering if it is the same that I saw.

In order to make sure it wasn’t the same that I saw; I decided to go with him and help him set the traps. I dropped my firewood by the side of the road and placed an Omu leaves (the yellow palm tree fronds) on it.  With the omu leaves on the firewood, according to our tradition no one will take it.

To be continued………..

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