Human Right: Quest For Freedom – Part One by Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu

Human: Quest For Freedom – Part One

‘For you were called to freedom brethren, only do not use freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love be servants of one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, you shall love your neighbour as Yourself’(Galatians 5:13–14). Human Freedom Without Laws:

HumanAs regards to human freedom, let’s start by saying that where there are laws without freedom, it results in anarchy. And where there is freedom without laws guarding it, there is destruction of the entire human communal system. The latter is worse than anarchy, so to say. It is right to state that, the quest for human freedom has resulted in the destruction of human cordial existence.

Invariably human beings are tending towards living like animals that have all the freedom they have without laws. For this reason, they can do whatever they like without remorse and shame. Hence Apostle Paul advised that we shouldn’t misuse the freedom that we have for the benefit of the flesh. The flesh, in its nature, is an emissary that always delivers a package of destruction.


Freedom The Birth Right Of Every Living Thing:

The negativity of its result has become the ordeals hanging on people’s necks and they are yearning for liberation from its scourging effect. In its nature, every living thing undoubtedly sees freedom as a birth right and there is no question about it. Surely freedom matters so much even to the smallest and minute organisms.

Whenever an animal is caught, the first attempt of the animal is to free itself from the hand that is gripping it. A second thought which sprouts out a question is why that particular animal or animals must be caught. Is it for its own good or what? Well, the animal does not see anything good for it to be in the hands of anybody. Either ways, you viewed it, hence the squirm to be free, though such freedom may lead to death.


Human Freedom That Gratifies The Flesh:

The eye does not see the sharp object that would pierce it. If it sees, it will never pierce that eye. Those that bargain for this kind of freedom which leads to death, never know the end result from the beginning. Rather, what is important at that particular moment is the achievement of that momentary gratification of the flesh. This of course is a flight ticket to the porch of destruction, which in many cases does not allow a withdraw system. It goes with the term, “Once you are in, you are in for ever”.

However, if the animal knew that the hand that caught it did that for its own good. And it would not have the impetus even to struggle for an escape. The animal would rather feel at home and relax in that hand and say to it, “Thank you for stretching out to hold me, now I am really free”. Misinterpretation of ideas on the course of events has led people to think that freedom is all about them.


Reckless Demand For Freedom:

They do that without much regards and counting to what the repercussion is to them and others. Here a thorough evaluations should be carried out before a demand is made. Because is easy to commit anything out there, but the result of what you did may lead to societal moral implode. Such detrimental effect may cut across many generations overtime without healing.

The misuse of freedom by man is something that started way back in the days of Adam and Eve. This mishandling of freedom has been telling on man even to this present generation. The approval of certain so called inconsequential right nowadays, has devastated and discomfited the moral standard of man even as events continue to unfold.

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Human Freedom With Lack Of Virtue And Values:

In any society where there is no virtue; human value and life is formalities. A particular freedom which cannot induce and uphold virtue in the society should be avoided. So many people believe in the slogan that, ‘life is all about what you can make out of it’. On a right note it should be life is about what people can make out of the life you lived.


In other words, what can the society profit from the life you lived or are living? Does the life you are living create a societal balance that eliminates abuses and moral degradation? Until we put others into account, our freedom is not complete. You may achieve or earn any right demanded. But the effect of such right to the life of your neighbor and his children should be put into consideration. Whatever right and life you are living out; be best assured that someone is at the receiving end.

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Pastor Chukwuemeka C. Asiegbu is the pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l.

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