Snake Short Story: Childhood Stream Expedition

The Snake And Stream Expedition:

the snake

The Snake – As we try to navigate our way through the track road and meandering through the constriction in between one joint and another. Occasionally, as a result of one building or object intercepting the track road, our lethargic and distractive movement, which is always the case with childish expeditions. This makes the stream farther than expected.

Abruptly we noticed the movement of an object, and guess what; it was a medium-size green snake. Almost immediately, all of us who witnessed the scenario exclaimed “Chineke” in unison, meaning “God”.


The Struggling Of The Snake:

Then one of us quipped, “this is Satan”. The movement of the snake was very slow. We couldn’t attack the snake because we feared, considering that we knew it was a dangerous creature that should be avoided. Impeded by the sandy nature of the track road, the snake couldn’t cross to the other side of the bush. Meanwhile, we decided to wait and see how the snake struggle to get across the track road.

The Snake Notion:

the snake

We were between the age bracket of 5 and 6 years old, with the oldest among us being presumably 7. He was the one that called the snake ‘Satan’, and out of curiosity one of us wanted to know why. Just, because he had a different view. His response stemmed from the lesson taught in one of the Sunday school lessons, there, the teacher said that the snake deceived Eve.

This however birthed the generally accepted notion that the snake typifies Satan. With this in mind, we then decided to tiptoe in order to cross the particular spot the snake crept across. However, we gathered again to continue our movement. One of us, probably disturbed within himself, asked, “why are we afraid of the snake, is it not God that created it?”

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God Created Snake:

the snake

The reply from one of us was straightforwared, “Yes, it is God who created the snake and every other thing. Even you and me, and our parents and all the animals, trees and anything we can see.” He was interrupted by another person who disagreed because he believed as children we are a product of our parents. However, he couldn’t elucidate and express out his point to create a better understanding of his view. There was this momentary silence among us, it suggests that we were pondering over the last comment. Suddenly someone broke the hushed situation. He echoed, “If it is God who created all things, then who created God?” We spontaneously stared at his face, and then he chuckled as we looked away.

The Abstruse Question:

the snake

The truth is that his question threw us into deeper silence as we walked some distance without uttering a word. As a matter of fact, the topic was changed in order to mitigate that scenario created by the question. The question was very abstruse and equitable in nature, though not expedient for our tender hearts to grasp and respond. As we came back from the stream, we noticed that a scene was going on in the compound. Our mothers were scampering around with their wrappers as they rushed towards a particular hut. Behind the thatched hut, a woman was in labor. And within a space of time she put to bed. It was a baby girl.

The Life Of An Average African Child:

The experience relived in this short story typifies the life of an average African Child. In most of the rural areas having good clean water is a luxury. Children as little as age 5 have started going to fetch water for their parents. This obligation is mandatory somehow considering the importance of water in the home of an average African family. In carrying this obligation in the family, children have been found to be vulnerable and at risk. This is because several incident of snake bites have occurred in the past and continue to be a routine in the remote areas.

The Appeal:

the snakeTherefore, in order to curtail this menace, it is important that well-meaning individuals and organizations in the world to do something about it. Action they said is louder than voice, these individuals and organizations can visit these remote areas. They should carry out proper investigation about availability of water and help to make adequate provision. And if it difficult to work with the local people because of language barriers, they should contact good NGOs in the country. Surely, availability of water in the nearby spots in these remote areas will definitely help to save life.

Hence if you have the opportunity do not harden your heart, make water available by sinking one borehole in these areas. Your joy will not know bounds when you put joy in the hearts of other.

The Essence Of Life:

This is the essence of humanity. We are created and born for each other; our existence is being beautified by the existence of others. There is no way we can exist individually alone and make a meaning out of life. Actually, life is about what you can contribute to it and not really about what you can take from it.

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